Online Booking Automation — Made Simple

Does your automated booking software give you a headache?
Or are you still manually managing reservations for your company?

Imagine how much business you’re losing by not having a reliable online booking platform that customers can access 24/7.
If your business books tours, activities, courses, events or appointments — let Roverd take the pain away.

Roverd is a fully-featured cloud-based automated booking platform. It’s close to effortless to get up and running instantly — and unlike our competitors, Roverd has zero subscription fees.

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Empower Your Customers

People expect the option to pay instantly for services and products online. From any device, anytime.

Research shows that 70% of consumers prefer making appointments and reservations online over any other method.

If you only take bookings by phone, email, or use clunky, outdated software, you’re leaving money on the table — and trying everyone’s patience.

Imagine how much happier your clients will be when they can book and pay for your services — at THEIR convenience — using any major payment method.
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Don’t Just Manage Your Business, Grow It

As industry veterans, we know exactly how overwhelming managing bookings, availability, payments, cancellations — does the list ever stop? — can be.

Before you know it, ALL you have time for is running your company — not taking it to new heights.

Think of Roverd as your full-time bookings concierge — the best there is.

Except this front desk superstar never stops working and doesn’t take home a salary.

Roverd gives you the freedom to focus on more important things — like growing your sales and your company.

You’re Never Just a Number

Once you decide Roverd is the right choice for streamlining and scaling your business, we'll assign you one of our app experts and have you up and running in just a few days.

Our state-of-the-art bookings widget works on any website
— no more worries about integrating an automated online booking solution with your existing site.

If you ever need our help or anything ever goes wrong, Roverd may be the only booking platform that offers 24/7 live customer service from a real HUMAN
expert — not a chatbot.

With offices worldwide, Roverd will never
leave you — or your customers — hanging...
Any time of the day or night.
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Roverd online booking features


For your convenience we hid all the fancy & sophisticated settings. Eliminating every distraction for you to focus on what's important. Your business!


Roverd gives you the power over every step of your online reservation process. Custom settings for pricing, emailing & ticketing, waivers, resellers and more


Use our booking widget on any website. We optimized the reservation process for maximum conversion. Share this widget with your re-sellers with ease


Connect resellers to your online bookings software to view availability and create reservations. Pre-set your commission % and off you go!


Cancel and refund your customers with Roverd's smart cancellation policies. Simply set a refund-% and connect to policy


After every successful booking and payment Roved sends tickets with a unique QR. Check in customers by scanning the QR code on their ticket
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Access your appointment schedule, calendar & bookings everywhere!

Let's team up and move your business to the next level
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